Scry is building a two-sided market to predict the future

On one side of the market, we are building on emerging research on cognition and judgement that has uncovered the existence of latently prescient individuals; these individuals were found over a 5-year geopolitical prediction competition, where they consistently beat out the rest – even intelligence experts by a staggering margin of 30%.


We are taking what those researchers have found, to not only to find more of these people across the world, but to give others the opportunity to be trained to think like them as well.

On the other side, we are serving a need that our own market surveys have revealed: over 96% of managers and business owners in across the Western hemisphere say that they are experiencing a crisis of confidence when it comes to making strategic decisions for their organisation. They blame their woes on the poor quality of information they have access to – typically, newspapers, renowned experts in the industry, and TV news networks. What Scry is going to serve up is a no-fluff probabilistic estimate of the outcomes of future events; no prevaricating and hedging with "maybes", "probably-s", or "likely-s".

And tying it altogether is Machine Learning. We are using it to advance the state of the art; both to identify positive traits that can be passed on through training to our predictor user base, and to boost the accuracy of the predictions served to our subscribers.

Ultimately, we want to build enough supply and demand in this space that a marketplace to connect organisations with competent predictors of the future becomes a viable prospect.