What is Scry?
Scry is a little startup with a big aim: to improve human cognition by applying what we know about improving decision-making, onto the problem of determining the probability of future events.

We want to see the cacophony of voices that currently dominate our airwaves with maybes, probablies, and unlikelies, supplanted by more concrete and accountable estimations. We hope that with this change, we can drive the creation of a qualification for individuals that is based on their decision-making efficacy - and all of the associated goodness such as high levels of open-mindedness, Bayesian thinking, and other forms of critical thinking.
How do I earn points on Scry ?
Points on Scry are earned through 2 main interactions with the platform: your contributions to the platforms, and Scrying accuracy. The follow table details some of the ways you can earn points.

Event Points Attempting a question 100 Updating a Scry 20 Explaining your Scry 20 Commenting 10 Receiving comments/replies 5 Question performance bonus 1x - 5x multiplier
How do I earn achievements on Scry
Certain milestones on Scry will unlock achievement badges that you can display on your profile page. You can view these achievements on your profile page here.
How do I delete my account on Scry?
If you would like to delete your account, just let us know through

We will need either
  • The e-mail address you used, OR
  • The e-mail address linked to your social media account that you used to sign up with Scry
What are the guidelines for submitting a question?
The typical question format should adhere to the format of a <conditional> followed by a <time period>. For an example, the question: "Will Apple launch a new product line in 2018?" contains the conditional of "Apple launch[ing] a new product line" followed by the time period of "2018".

The conditionals should also reference events that can be easily validated from public sources, and not be reliant upon hearsay and other forms of unverifiable sources of information.
How do I subscribe to Notifications?
To subscribe to notifications, first allow Scry to send you notifications through your browser, then click on the subscribe button.

These notifications are device specific, so you if want to recieve notifications on the go, simply visit again, and hit the subscribe button on your mobile device.
What is the "opinion library?"
The opinion library was developed to better help Scryers share and use each others' points of view.

Borrow as many opinions as you need, and weigh them according to your own understanding of the issues at hand, and we'll sort out the math for you.
Which browsers support push notifications?
Scry's desktop and mobile notifications are powered through OneSignal. OneSignal currently supports the following web browsers on desktop and mobile: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
How do I submit questions?
The question submission module is located here.
How does the Question Poll system work?
Each week, Scryers can submit questions for moderation. These questions will be featured on the polling area in the week following their approval by Scry's moderation team. Questions that win the poll will be featured on Scry until the question is resolved.